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Excerpt from Cavallo da Corsa — Volume IV

It began with a posting on the internet. In August, 2009, the Ferrari Owners Group (FOG) comprised five strangers united by eagerness to exercise their cars in the myriad of back roads in Marin County; afterwards they enjoyed a relaxed Saturday breakfast before returning home. Every two weeks thereafter, the group reconvened, the same place, the same time, posting photos of their adventures online after each drive. Owning a Ferrari is one thing, but sharing that ownership with fellow enthusiasts enriches the experience immeasurably.

Organized drives have always been at the core of the experience; new initiates are often astounded by the sight and sound of twenty or more Ferraris touring in formation. At the breakfast following each back country drive, stories are shared and new friendships forged, many lifelong bonds have been established in the community. This is the summation of the diligent efforts of founder Joe Keon, and a few members who have taken the time and made the effort to help organize events, cultivate a unique atmosphere, and form the strong social nucleus that unites a highly diverse group.

Word spread rapidly amongst friends, acquaintances, and to the numerous other automobile organizations in the area. A website was established and members began to regularly receive dedicated emails to coordinate events that quickly grew in size and scope.

FOG sought to provide a calendar of driving, motorsport, and social events throughout the years for its members, and to reinvigorate the concept of a formal car organization. In the span of just a few years, 400 Ferrari owners in the Bay Area and beyond have joined the ranks of FOG. There have been over 150 FOG drives to date and the group attracts the gazes of onlookers everywhere it goes…

Owning a Ferrari is one thing, but sharing that ownership with fellow enthusiasts enriches the experience immeasurably.

Joe Keon — Founder
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Ferrari Owners Charitable Foundation

In 2011, the FOG group and its directors decided to harness this positive attention in an effort to give back to the community. The FOG Rally was founded as an annual road rally of fifty Ferraris traveling from San Francisco to southern California. The directive was simple: to raise funds and awareness for two key sectors, public health and youth-at-risk.

The inaugural FOG Rally benefitted Opportunity Impact, a San Francisco-based charity that provides after school literacy support, tutoring, academic counseling, and mentoring for San Francisco’s most disadvantaged youth. In 2012, the FOG community partnered with Bay Area-based Blue Planet Network, an international organization that provides clean-water solutions to impoverished regions. Their technologies and long-term implementation resolve not only basic public health concerns, but open critical opportunities for youth and adults alike.

In 2013, the Ferrari Owners Charitable Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, was formally established to administer the FOG Rally. As the populace of the community has grown, so too has the number of members who feel compelled to volunteer their time in the planning and fundraising for the foundation; these indispensable contributions are the only reason the annual Rally is possible and indeed they also deepen the bonds within the Ferrari Owners Group.

Having raised over $1,475,000 for charity since its inception, the FOG Rally has proven to be a powerful means for raising funds and awareness for worthy charitable causes in the San Francisco Bay Area. In reflection of the past half-decade, the friendships seeded from FOG extend far beyond the commonality of owning a Ferrari. The powerful camaraderie of this tightly knit group has had a positive cascading effect on the lives of the individuals and families involved, and indeed upon the communities they inhabit. In this spirit, we are driven to make a difference.

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